Headache related to neck problems

- Treatment by Lincoln Osteopaths

It is widely recognised that muscle tension in the neck may cause headaches. These may occur because of poor posture, poor body use, for example sitting at a computer, from mental concentration or emotional tension. Although the muscles may be the primary cause of pain, there is often underlying joint disturbance, which amplifies the local muscle tension. Dealing with this underlying joint issue frequently leads to more consistent relaxation of the muscles and a decrease of the headaches. We use a variety of gentle manual techniques to ease away the muscle tension and improve the joint flexibility.

Clearly if there are lifestyle factors which are causing or contributing to the muscle tension then it is important to identify these. At Lincoln Osteopaths we do our best to help the sufferer to identify and manage the relevant factors, whether through changes in habit patterns, by stretching or relaxation exercises, or by suggesting other stress management strategies.

There are many other causes of headache, and osteopaths are trained to identify when the cause is not simply related to the neck, and will refer other practitioners if they consider this appropriate.