Standing up on the job?

Standing up on the job?

As an osteopath I am frequently asked, “how should I sit when at work”? Anyone working in an office will inevitably sit at a desk for long periods of time, which is well-recognized to be a strain on the spine, both the neck and back. Human beings are not well adapted to sitting for long periods, though we are well adapted to standing on two feet.

I was therefore interested in an article on the news website by Chris Bowlby recently discussing the use of desks that can be raised to a standing height, so that instead of sitting all day, the user could either sit or stand. Such desks have been around for a while but are not in common usage, thus unfortunately expensive. Other countries have been more innovative. Apparently in Denmark it has become mandatory for businesses to offer standing workplace facilities.

Such desks are more obviously useful for example for those working at a drawing board. However, for those with persisting low back pain who frequently find sitting for long periods not only painful but also drains their energy and concentration, might this be a useful adaptation of their workplace?

For those who already have a suitable desk these can be modified by a Varidesk, which sits on your existing desk, but allows you to raise the surface of your desk and all the items on your desk including computer, so that you can change from one position (sit to stand) at the flick of a switch, thus changing many times a day if necessary.

For further advice about workstation set up please click this link.

Chris Bowlby