A child with shoulder pain

My husband and I want to extend a huge thanks to you, for the treatment of our son Lui – aged 11.5 years, who came to see you recently with what he & we thought was neck / back pain which was ongoing for over 2 months and was untreated .

You were recommended to us by a friend who had also been treated by the practice, with great success.

Lui had received an injury / trauma to his right shoulder which affected the Rhomboid muscle and caused him daily pain and affected his ability to take part in the sports he loved. Lui had a full & thorough consultation and treatment which really did make noticeable  difference  immediately. Marc explained everything really clearly & simply to Lui, which put him at ease and allowed Lui to build trust with Marc. The exercises Marc asked Lui to carry out make a positive difference and after session 2, and Lui is now back fully participating in his sports with virtually no pain or discomfort.

I fully recommend Marc to others, but also the practice is a friendly, clean environment where patient service is clearly very high on the agenda and it’s also great value for money. Thank you for making a difference to Lui’s day to day life and we wish you all lots of good luck for 2016.

Neck pain, and dizziness from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

I visited Paddy Searle-Barnes recently for the first time for treatment to my neck, as I have painful osteoarthritis in it. Whilst he was taking my history I revealed to him that I had been suffering from dizziness for some weeks. After questioning me further, he correctly diagnosed benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, and performed the Epley Maneuvre on me with instant and dramatic success! My dizziness vanished on the spot, and some months down the line now, it has not returned.

He also gave me considerable and lasting relief from my neck pain. I would recommend osteopathy, and this practice in particular to anyone.


Low back and leg pain

Thank you, Paddy, for restoring movement in my lower back. It had virtually seized up and the pain often went down into my leg as well. Through your specific massage and controlled manipulation over a number of weeks, the pain in both back and leg has gone and I can walk again without limping! It was also helpful to be given clear explanations about the treatment and exercises to relax the muscles, from the first appointment. Thanks again!

PE Neck and shoulder pain

I first contacted West Parade Osteopaths about my shoulder problem, which had troubled me for some months, despite other physical treatment. At my first appointment I found out that not only was my shoulder injured but there was a problem with my neck that I was not aware of it. I had had two bad falls but was not aware of the effects of them apart from the pain.

I have received very good advice and treatment and would recommend treatment at this practice.


Coccyx pain

Although I have always suffered with my coccyx (probably since childhood), after six months of excruciating pain, visits to my GP, Sports Injury Clinic, Chiropractor and finally with a Surgeon recommending the removal my coccyx, at my wits end, scared, sore and unhappy, I had once last ditched attempt to curb the pain (pain level 10+/10).  After reading an article on the internet entitled ‘Osteopath alleviated my coccyx pain after just one session’ and a background story similar to mine, I phoned Tyreman Searle-Barnes. With a warm welcome from the receptionist I made my first appointment to see Patrick Searle-Barnes (Paddy) the day after my call.

A little pessimistic after all the other failed treatments, I attended my first consultation with Paddy who listened sympathetically but intently to the history of my coccyx problems.  After the consultation, he carefully examined me and started very gentle manipulation of the muscles attached to the coccyx, explaining that he was coaxing the muscles to relax, describing what he was doing and why he was doing it at every stage of the treatment.  Although a little painful after the first manipulation, I could feel a difference in the pain level immediately as I sat in the car to drive home. The next morning when I woke, I did not have to take any pain killers for the first time in months (pain level 8/10)

During the next four weeks, I had one session a week with Paddy and each time, the pain got less and less until I could actually sit down (and stand up again), with little or limited pain.  It felt amazing!  (pain level 4-5/10) I had one more appointment after a two week break and was then discharged.  I felt great, I was sleeping again, smiling again, I didn’t realise how low the pain had been making me feel and the impact it was having on my daily life, the thought of surgery on my spine had really scared me (pain level 2/10)

Although my coccyx will never be perfect, with the aid of a new chair at work, a coccyx cushion and some exercises recommended by Paddy, I am almost pain free, with just a little niggle now and again which is tolerable and the surgery has now been cancelled (pain level 1/10)

I just want to say a huge thank you to Paddy and his team at Tyreman Searle-Barnes for their help and support during what I can only describe as one of the most stressful times in my life, I am so grateful to them.



I have lived with sciatica for years and had grown used to variable but constant pain and discomfort, though I now realise I was unaware of the severity because I had become accustomed to living with it. There have been occasional acute attacks that have been treated with movement or, most recently, strong drugs. I came to be referred to Paddy Searle-Barnes by my new GP, whose advice I had sought on the exercise regime I was using at the gym and whether it might be in conflict with the sciatica, which was becoming more evident.

My experience of the osteopathy is remarkable. Following treatment the hints of sciatica are still there, but not nearly so disabling. Movement had previously become somewhat restricted by compression of the spinal cord, treated with neurosurgery, and a traumatic brain injury sustained in a cycling mishap, all of which had led to more constant sciatica. The osteopathic treatment has resulted in improvement in standing, walking, balance and perception. My overall comfort is much improved, particularly in standing and in sleeping, and my sense of well-being is much restored.

Osteopathy has addressed issues that I had identified with a personal trainer, particularly the sense of needing to relax my spine consciously. Conscious relaxation had become a natural habit, but since the osteopathic therapy I sense my spine, indeed my whole nervous system relaxing without conscious prompting; my brain seems to have learned to “just get on with it”. It is a good feeling!

I knew my GP’s referral to the Osteopath was going to be good, since it is a medical practice that believes in the wholeness of health. I hadn’t realised just how comprehensive the referral would be in terms of my health and well-being. Through osteopathic therapy I have learned much about my body’s operation and it all makes sense, proved by the lessening of the pain and the increase in my well-being. I am deeply grateful.