What do we treat?

Spinal problems

Treatment for low back pain

Treatment for low back pain

The majority of people who consult us at Lincoln Osteopaths are suffering from pain in their low back or neck and may have related pain in one or more of their limbs. The incidence of spinal pain has become dramatically more frequent in recent decades and many people experience recurrent episodes. Often osteopathic treatment reduces the frequency of these episodes or even stops them. With advice on appropriate exercise and care most people can improve their own back.

People who have received osteopathic treatment from Lincoln Osteopaths tell us that they have received symptom relief from a variety of problems.

Commonly seen problems include:

Limb problems

  • what is osteopathyFrozen shoulder
  • Tendinitis around the shoulder or wrist, often called repetitive strain injury
  • Tennis elbow
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Wrist strain
  • Cartilage problems in the knee
  • Early to moderate osteo-arthritis of hip or knee
  • Bursitis around hip or shoulder
  • Muscle injuries in arms or legs
  • Ligament injuries e.g. knee or ankle
  • Foot and leg pain from altered arches in the foot

Osteopathic treatment of foot

Treatment for foot pain