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Welcome to Lincoln Osteopaths, now known as Osteopathy at the Exchange

The practice has moved premises from Lincoln to Wragby, and is now situated in The Old Telephone Exchange on Silver Street. With over 25 years experience, the practice provides gentle, effective & professional treatments for all ages and lifestyles.

Osteopathy is an established and recognised system of diagnosis and treatment that looks at the alignment of, and the functional relationship between, the bony skeleton and the muscular system. It is a safe, natural and drug free approach to healthcare that seeks to overcome a wide range of ailments and injuries, which can result from disturbance to the body’s framework and moving parts.

Some of the conditions we treat...

Back Pain

Back pain is very common, almost half the adult population of the UK (49%) report lower back pain for at least 24 hours at some point in the year.


Sciatica pain can vary widely, from mild, infrequent and irritable to severe, constant and debilitating.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain has become more common in recent years, which may be related to the increase in computer and Smartphone usage and sedentary lifestyles.


Headaches are a common complaint which are usually short lived, but for some people can become chronic and debilitating.

Hip Pain

Pain from the actual hip joint will often refer pain to the groin, anterior thigh and knee.

Neck Pain

Neck pain and stiffness is a very common condition which can radiate up to the head causing headaches or to the upper back, shoulders and arms.